Energy Essentials: GROUND … Friday 5/2

Energy Essentials: GROUND … Friday 5/2 Recognize the importance of being connected to earth energy and fully anchored in the physical body. Learn how to fill from within, rather than being dependent on others to fill you. Find out how to control one of our most intuitively sensitive chakras. This class is part of a series, see details here Friday, May 2nd 6:30pm-8pm BeWild Woman/Kakini Health 230 West 72nd St. #2R, betw B’way & West End, south side $30 per...


TOGETHERING OUR ROOTS… Sun 5/4 A sacred ceremony with the intention of healing racism. Through connection, intention, movement, joined voices, music, honoring, celebration and gratitude, we align ourselves to the embodied knowledge that we are all worthy, unique, beautiful and bountiful. Sunday, May 4, 1pm-5pm Register here This sacred gathering is a place for us to reveal ourselves to each other in a way that has been previously withheld because of the social construct of race.  Race has no biological or genetic basis. We are 99.9% the same living and breathing organism. Yet the power of this construct has and continues to create...

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